Did The San Antonio Spurs Blow The Championship?

San Antonio fans had to be shocked at last night’s game, where San Antonio lost at home to the Miami Heat who came back from the third worst NBA finals defeat ever on Tuesday to stun San Antonio on their home court. Last night’s home loss may mean that it’s only a matter of time before Miami grabs this series from the Spurs, which had an excellent opportunity to pick up the series until last night’s loss.

What had to be so stunning to the hometown fans in San Antonio was how their team was absolutely flawless on Tuesday, but played with so much vulnerability on Thursday. It was a tale of two teams. Equally incredible was the Jekyll and Hyde personality of Miami, who didn’t look anything like a championship team on Tuesday, but were firing on all cylinders on Thursday night.

Even the record three point shooting of the Tuesday night game by the Spurs was lost. On Tuesday, the Spurs shot a NBA finals game record of 16 three point shots, but had little long range firepower on Thursday. What happened?  Probably the Spurs let a championship slip right through their fingers, that’s what. San Antonio had a perfect opportunity to put themselves in the driver’s seat by getting a 3-1 series lead last night. But, now they allowed Miami three more good chances to get two more wins and wrap this series up. How San Antonio’s good fortune ebbed away last night.

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