Legendary CCR singer and sonwriter John Fogerty is back with one of his best efforts in recent years. WROTE A SONG FOR EVERYONE is mostly a duet collection of  songs made famous by John Fogerty including guest duet artists like The Foo Fighters, Miranda Lambert, Kid Rock, Boob Seger, Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson and others. Like many of the more recent John Fogerty albums, this album often tilts toward country music tastes except for some songs like “Fortunate Son” done with The Foo Fighters or “Proud Mary” which is more soulful than the CCR original.  But, overall this is a pretty satisfying life retrospective of John Fogerty music.

Inside the cover you find out that John Fogery is a simple man  who loves the comfort of his flannel shirts, not even caring if they are a hand-me-down from his brothers or not. It is this down to Earth simplicity and honest style that has helped to make John Fogerty a genuine folk legend…a true man of the people.  And he knows how vto satisfy his many fans. This is a mostly satisfying effort here. ***(Three Stars, Good).

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