50 Shades Of Surprise In New Study!

A new psychological study out of Tilburg University in the Netherlands found that adults who practice a little S&M in the bedroom are actually more psychologically healthy than other adults who don’t practice such kinky sexual activity. The results were sort of surprising considering that S&M activities are often joked about in the popular media as being characteristic of depraved or sick minds. But, the authoritative  study found just the opposite to be true. Past studies have made attempts to link interest in S&M activity to past abusive treatment or other past issues. Even American Psychological Association has revised it’s thoughts on S&M, now only concluding that such activity is only a sign of mental illness if it involves causing stress or dysfunction among those were participate in such activity.

The runaway success of  the the novel, 50 SHADES OF GREY has also spawned many Ivy-league college S&M clubs and spurred renewed amateur interest in some experimentation in the bedroom by many couples.

But like everything, some people may like a little S&M, while others only find it a little pain in the ass!

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