Classic Bad Summer Camp Movies: THE FIRST TURN ON!

Troma Pictures 1983 Summer camp sex comedy, THE FIRST TURN ON! is a real trash classic and the first movie to ever feature actor Vincent D’Onofrio who played the lowly role of “Lobotomy” in the film.  D-Onofrio landed himself a far better acting opportunity in LAW & ORDER:CRIMINAL INTENT to prove himself as a very good actor, but then again everyone needs to start somewhere.

Pretty much the film revolves around one of the very worst Summer camps of all time, with four campers and a female counselor finding themselves stuck in a cave. Each of the kids relates a story of their “first time”, including the counselor, but then they all admit that it’s a lie, and with no way out, they eventually decide to get naked and orgy in the cave. Sure this is trash. Sure this isn’t much of a movie. Yet, for the mere sake of being a Troma Picture, this movie has plenty of charm and is pretty entertaining.

Strangely, this bad Summer Camp movie is one of the most enjoyable ever and well worth at least one watch. ** 1/2(Two and a half stars, or a cut above fair). 

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