The Most Outrageous Exploitation Movie Ever?

WEREWOLVES ON WHEELS seems to stand the test of time for one of the most outrageous as well as absurd exploitation movies ever made. This film seems to less than masterfully combine the genres of horror movies with biker exploitation movies, creating a uniquely awful film that’s neither the best horror film, nor the best biker film ever made. One of the only good moments in this film is the scenes of what appears to be a bad stripper dance with a snake, but other than this single scene, this film has very little good going for it. But, the title and the premise alone nearly put this film in a league almost of it’s own, and also with the likes of those truly bad filmmakers like Ed Wood Jr.

Certainly, while producing this film, at some point stark reality must have hit home that this wasn’t going to be CITIZEN KANE.

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