Jackie Gleason, Nixon & UFOs

Here’s a very strange Hollywood story involving actor Jackie Gleason, President Nixon and a story that Jackie Gleason himself had to tell about UFOs. While Jackie Gleason was best known for being a famous comic actor, the star of both THE HONEYMOONERS as well as the long running show, THE JACKIE GLEASON SHOW, Gleason was  also heavily obsessed with UFOs and the paranormal. And as a golf buddy of President Richard Nixon, Gleason used to press Nixon to tell him the truth about what the government knew about UFOs. Ok, this seems sort of normal to this point.

But, now’s here the weird twist. According to Jackie Gleason’s own words to his then wife, Beverly Gleason, she related how Gleason told her that President Nixon picked up the actor one night and drove him in his personal car, without Secret Service escort to Homestead Air Force Base to show Gleason something that was supposed to be top secret. The building had pieces of a crashed alien spacecraft according to Gleason, as well as several mangled alien bodies in freezer cases of two foot tall aliens with some strange features. Gleason was supposed to be sworn to secrecy by President Nixon not to reveal any of this. This was simply a favor by the president to his friend. But, Gleason was reported to have become traumatized by this event and soon took to heavy drinking and his life began to spiral downward.

Gleason was so angry at his wife that leaking this story eventually resulted in a divorce between the couple.

So, is this story true? Jimmy Carter once filed a report of personally viewing a UFO, and President Reagan was such a UFO believer that part of his self-proclaimed “Star Wars” defense system that he wanted to build was to defend from alien threats from outer space and even offered to share this defense system with the Soviets at the time. During a UN speech, Reagan even made references to space aliens and UFOs. – On the other hand, Presidents Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama all claim to have no knowledge of any government proof of actual UFOs or aliens, or any crash remains owned by the Air Force.

Pretty weird stuff huh?


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  • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

    Ha, I don’t think Gleason ever needed a reason for heavy drinking.

  • Mike Rothschild

    I wrote about this for Skeptoid. It’s a tabloid story that took on a life of its own. http://bit.ly/11xy2IM

    • I appreciate your input here, Mike. Thanks for your info!