George Zimmerman’s Defense Fund Nearly Broke

As the trial of George Zimmerman draws closer, his defense team now admits that his defense fund is nearly depleted, putting Zimmerman at serious legal risk. Because George Zimmerman sought evidence to put up a “not guilty” defense, his legal team has spent $310,000 searching for any evidence which may help to vindicate the self-proclaimed neighborhood watchman who shot and killed a 17 year old Black teenager, Trayvon Martin, as he took a short-cut home after buying Skittles and an Arizona Tea at a grocery store simply because Zimmerman thought that the youth might have looked suspicious.

If Zimmerman would have plead guilty to the charges of shooting the youth, his defense costs would have been considerably less. Now Zimmerman has just $5,000 left in his defense fund, with some of his lawyers actually working without pay, when they contend that $75,000 to $120,000 more or better is really needed to even give their client a fighting chance to win his uphill case.

Zimmerman’s defense team has come up with some new evidence that they hope will help their client, as this legal team will try to paint Trayvon Martin and not their client as the aggressor when the fight broke out between the two and Zimmerman shot the teenager to death.

One unfortunate result of the Zimmerman case is the racially divisive effect the case has had on the nation.  It is only likely, that a verdict in the case, in either direction,  innocent or guilty, will also have another divisive effect as well.  But, if the prosecution cannot prevail in this case, then it is likely that the family of Trayvon Martin could still seek a civil case against Zimmerman, where the standard of evidence is lower.

Tuesday, the judge in the case set strict limits on what evidence about Trayvon Martin that Zimmerman’s defense team will be able to present to the jury.  Nothing about Trayvon Martin’s past text messages, school suspension, past fights or past marijuana use can be used by Zimmerman’s defense team. Zimmerman’s defense team will have to present evidence directly related to the actual events that took place that evening that the youth was shot and killed by Zimmerman.  

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