The Amanda Bynes’ Topless Twitter Crazy Tour Continues

Looking especially disheveled at her court appearance yesterday, Amanda Bynes started a new round of bizarre Tweets today slamming SPORTS ILLUSTRATED model Chrissy Teigen as “You’re an old ugly model compared to me”. Yesterday, she also started a new feud on Twitter with singer Courtney Love and last week with singer Rihanna. Only a few days ago, Bynes posted some bizarre topless pictures of herself on Twitter as well, only continuing her weird string of Twitter postings that look to many observers like a real personal meltdown.

Despite all of her recent problems, Amanda Bynes claims that she has no signs of mental illness, as some like have been suggesting. But, her behavior has been very bizarre. When she was arrested recently she claimed that a police offer “slapped my vagina” during an arrest for child endangerment as well as marijuana possession charges.

The news about 27 year old actress Amanda Bynes only seems to grow worse by the days recently.

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