Those Chinese Auto Knockoffs & Ripoffs!

The Chinese court system makes it pretty difficult for famous automakers to prevent the manufacture of automobiles in China that look much like knockoffs of other famous automobiles. One of the most infamous is the Geely GE, a $44,000 luxury automobile that very closed resembles the Rolls Royce which is a $366,000 automobile. The Geely even has a “flying lady” hood ornament that closed resembles the Rolls Royce hood ornaments as well. And there’s a Scion XB looking automobile that China will be marketing in Europe very soon. The Great Wall Coolbear looks very much like the Scion XB and has a low price starting at just $5,000. And Lifan, a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer produces the Lifan 320, which looks very much like the famous Mini Cooper. The Smart car also has a Chinese built car that closed resembles it as well, the Shaunghaun Noble. Mercedes and BMW also find some of their famous automobiles closely copied by some cheaper Chinese brands.

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but a number of world auto producers don’t find themselves too amused at these Chinese ripoffs of their famous cars.

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