Danny Trejo Is Way Cool!

At 69, Danny Trejo is cool! He’s one of the best tough guy actors out there, with a great macho look. The actor overcome a conviction for drug abuse and robbery to become a prison boxing champion, to later becoming a leading tough guy actor in his later years. His cool macho looks and excellent acting skills have made the actor much in demand these days as an useful tough guy personality for work in films as well as TV, such as a role in THE SONS OF ANARCHY. And Danny Trejo sure looks right at home on a custom motorcycle as well!

Since 1985, when Danny Trejo starred in RUNAWAY TRAIN with Eric Roberts, training the actor in boxing skills, Danny Trejo has become a popular addition to action movies. But, the tough guy has a soft side as well, and is adding a comic contribution to THE MUPPETS…AGAIN, to be released in 2014 along with work in other comic films as well, including BREAKING WIND, that TWILIGHT SAGA inspired parody spoof film.

Danny Trejo is in great condition for his age. At 69, he looks nowhere ready to slow down now, finding so much success later in his life.

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