Adult Stars Battle The Banks

Some strange consumer discrimination news has recently surfaced. Just as adult films become more mainstream in their appeal and accepted as entertainment by a growing number of American including a few housewives(who now find adult videos more sexy than their normal boring soap operas), a number of banks including Chase are beginning to discriminate against both actors as well as producers in the industry, which is now promoting some discrimination lawsuits against some banks.

One softcore porn film producer has filed a lawsuit against Chase in Los Angeles, which denied his bank account on “moral” grounds, although his films are mostly cable TV-like nudie productions. An adult film actress, Chanel Preston, was recently denied being allowed to make a bank deposit because her account was closed by Chase, for no reasons other than “moral” grounds by Chase.

In addition, despite new laws in both Washington as well as Colorado legalizing marijuana, some banks in both states have been denying some businessmen of opening new bank accounts.

The bottom line is that a banking industry that has long prospered by breaking laws of The Bible by trading in “usury” with high interest rates to consumers, is now looking for a few other sinners to kick around to feel a little better about itself. I guess when you’re that low down, you can only try to find someone you believe is lower than you to kick around a little to prop up your own self-image. Gee, what can you say about that?

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  • Thomas

    I’m pretty sure that the part about denying loans in relation to marijuana-related situations is due to the federal government. Marijuana is still technically illegal under federal law, so they like to come and disrupt things for the states that “disobeyed.”