Jimmy Choo Now Offers $30,000 Men’s Loafers

New for the ultimate playboy, Jimmy Choo, that ultra-premium handmade shoe brand is now offering beaver fur lined loafers that sell for up to $30,000 a pair for the high end shoe market. $30,000! That makes the $1400 pair of women’s shoes I once bought a girlfriend that was made from boa-skin look like Target or Walmart shoes by comparison.

Jimmy Choo shoes are a favorite of many top female celebs who grace the red carpet at award events, so this new trend of high end shoes by Jimmy Choo for men’s leisure is certainly a new trend. You certainly wouldn’t want to do any real work wearing a $30,000 pair of loafers. But, in that price range, if you’re not hiring people to work for you, then you don’t know what you’re doing.

It’s always nice to know what shoes the rich and famous are wearing.

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