Kroger Retailer Fred Meyer Scales Cd Inventory Way Back

Fred Meyer, one of several trade names that Kroger does business under has decided to sharply scale back it’s inventory of cds in it’s stores. While BluRay and DVD discs continue to occupy a lot of floor space in the electronics section of their stores, the Cd inventory only represents a broader cross section of more recent releases or some major greatest hits recordings of many bigger selling artists. Gone are separate categories for rock, hip hop or country music, etc. as the retailer seems to be phasing out cds in their stores.

Slower national sales for cds are probably a large part of this equation along with concerns about theft, despite a number of safeguards the retailer has to protect their inventory. It wasn’t too long ago that the retailer even flaunted with a few higher end Lps to add to their cd inventory which has dramatically shrunk in the last year for the second time.

Strangely, despite all of the talk about digital downloads, Cd sales are still 9 times higher than all paid digital downloads, so it’s not really clear exactly just what Kroger is addressing here. Further, it wasn’t that long ago that Fred Meyer owned their own music distribution business, Roundup Music. But, the tend looks clear. Kroger wants out of the Cd business, sooner than later.

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