High School Student Arrested For Lesbian Relationship

An 18 year old Florida high school student, faced a controversial arrest and expulsion from her high school after the parents of a 15year old student whom she was having a relationship with waited until she turned 18, and then called the police. Kaitlyn Hunt, 18, found herself facing felony sex abuse charges in the controversial case that has divided the public, where the two girls were both consenting minors in the case until only a few days ago when the older girl, Kaitlyn, turned 18.

Kaitlyn has been offered one plea deal by the prosecution that she until Friday to accept that would put under two years of house arrest as well as another year of probation, and would classify her as a sex offender for life. Many in the public are outraged that prosecutors have entered into a consensual relationship by two high school students and a Facebook page has over 20,000 supporters for a “Free Kate” movement. Many newspapers and other groups involved in Gay rights are jumping on her bandwagon as well, showing their support for what they view as the improper use of sex abuse laws by government.

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  • cirby

    “Both consenting minors?”

    Actually, no.

    The younger one was under 16 (14 when they started), which means she was NOT a legally consenting minor under the law, and once the older girl turned 18, she was committing a clearly defined crime.

    • The parents of the younger girl waited until the older girl turned 18 to contact the police. When some parents don’t approve of a high school relationship, this is a new way of ending it.

      • cirby

        Actually, it’s an old way of ending it.

        The only thing new in this case is that the older one was a girl. It’s usually a boy who goes to jail.