SNL Season Finale Leaves Many Questions

SNL didn’t finish it’s 38th season on a particularly good note. Musical guest Kanye West was difficult and responsible for a rant along with too much attitude. And many key cast members are not likely to return next year, including Fred Armisen, Jason Sudeikus, and Bill Hader. Almost as bad, Seth Meyers will eventually leave his role as head writer for the show when he takes over Jimmy Fallon’s old time slot at late night. That leaves SNL with a long Summer of recruiting new talent to replace irreplaceable personalities. That’s a very tall order.

SNL has survived many devastating losses of key cast members in the past. There is every reason to believe that the show can survive these key losses of cast members as well. But, that doesn’t mean that next season will be a real easy one.

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  • ravenshrike

    Why would anybody hire West for anything that remotely requires self control anymore as it’s clear he has none. I mean really, at this point expecting him not to say stupid shit that nobody cares about at inopportune times would be like expecting RDJ in the late 90’s to show up sober for, well, anything