CBS Claims Republicans Altered Benghazi WH Emails

CBS News is making a new charge in the rapidly evolving Benghazi attack story, now claiming that after the White House released 100 pages of Emails related to the Benghazi attack in response to public questions related to the attack, Republicans released an altered version of these Emails where the wording of the original documents were altered in several circumstances. This is the latest bizarre turn in this story, where these altered Emails were released to the public that were not faithful to the originals and important wording changes were attributed to the parties such as the White House and State Department.

For months, key Republicans have inferred that some sort of coverup or other questionable activity was involved by the White House in the Benghazi attack story. Now, it turns out that important Emails have been knowing manufactured and altered for release by some Republicans, which raises questions about their intents here. Some political sources believe that some Republicans have been using the story to hurt a potential run by Hillary Clinton in 2016. But, now the question exists did some Republicans so hope to tarnish Hillary Clinton or the White House, that they way overplayed their hand here, wanting a scandal so badly, that they purposely altered documents just hoping to create a story even if the evidence suggests that none existed in the first place.

Since U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice made some comments on a MEET THE PRESS program a few months ago doubting the role of terrorists or al Qaeda in the Benghazi attacks, some in the GOP began to create stories about conspiracies or coverups by the White House. Now, this publication of altered Email documents is taking an embarrassing turn with the release of these purposely altered documents. If the story even had any legs at all before, now the whole story could easily backfire because of these altered Emails.

Why would any sane person do somthing crazy like this?

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  • cirby

    Of course, CBS sorta left out the part where those 100 emails completely skip the first three days of the situation. What happened to the emails from the 11th, 12th, and 13th?

    Meanwhile, they complain about “altering” when they mean “took excerpts from that don’t really change the contents.”

    By the way, Susan Rice didn’t make those comments on “a” program – she made those false comments on five separate Sunday morning news programs.

    • I don’t understand why altered versions of the Emails were issued in the first place? What persons in the White House actually said in the actual Emails is far more important than some fiction writing experiment by some others. I personally thought what Susan Rice claimed on those talk shows seemed stupid and misinformed at the time, but hardly part of some conspiracy to shade the truth. It certainly seemed like terrorists took advantage of violent street demonstrations to attack our embassy. Susan Rice should have been smart enough to see that, but didn’t at the time.

      • cirby

        The thing is – they didn’t do what you claimed.

        It turns out that the actual text of the emails wasn’t available – there were just summaries and excerpts, and the people who talked about them had to rely on notes written as they were discussed.

        The actual content – the “story” wasn’t much different at all from what was discussed, but the White House is trying to pull a fast one, pretending that the emails were “edited” when they really weren’t – because the White House refused to release the full text.

        Not to mention, of course, the three REALLY IMPORTANT missing days worth…

  • fustian24

    I’d just like to know a few things:
    1. Where was Obama during the siege on our embassy?
    2. Who signed off on the exceptions to our standard security requirements for an embassy?
    3. Why have none of the survivors been interviewed?
    4. Why did the Special Forces guys that were killed expose themselves to deadly fire in order to laser illuminate the enemy if there were no military assets in the region?
    5. Why did the administration lie about this? What did they think it would get them?
    6. Who gave the stand down order to the military?

    This’ll do for starters.