Obama Improves His Approval Numbers Despite IRS and Benghazi Stories

The public seems to have only a small attention span for the IRS and Benghazi stories, according to the latest numbers from Gallup. And further, the public seems to accept the President’s explanation that some IRS agents acted on their own and wrongfully on their own. if some particular groups were singled out for IRS scrutiny based solely on their political views and not their own organization’s message of protesting taxes. The president’s approval numbers have actually improved slightly in the last few days as a result of the president’s action to address both issues. Gallup found that only 54% of the public is watching the IRS story somewhat closely compared to 53% of the public who are following the Benghazi story. But, the president’s job approval numbers have improved to a 51% to 42% level in recent days, or about a 5% overall shift in approval numbers towards the president, meaning that neither story is hurting the president at this point, and that the public approves of the president’s efforts to address both issues.

Opponents of the president had probably hoped that the twin stories about Benghazi and the IRS scandal would hurt the president. But, these Gallup figures prove that neither story is doing that. In both cases, both stories might actually be hurting the GOP-controlled congress instead, where the stories may smack of politics to many in the public and seem like a waste time and money, instead of addressing serious issues on how to run the country. The public doesn’t appear to be embracing either story as a scandal that the president is responsible for according to these latest Gallup Poll figures.

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