Big Surprise?: Young Guys Aren’t Car Guys….

Older guys were really into cars, with a deep appreciation for those old 1950’s works of art, those wildly overpowered 60’s and 70’s muscle cars and into motorcycles as well. But, new reports paint the younger guys driving about 25% less as well as taking, God forbid….public transportation, much more. Say what?

You get older generation car guys together and they’ll talk about all of the high performance cars they owned, or even remember when they once owned an AMC Hornet, their only economy car. Other guys remember their first Mustang or the Dodge Charger they once owned. Some remember that first hemi powered Mopar product.

Younger generation guys are even getting less drivers licenses as well.

Years ago you could see less brand loyalty among younger generation buyers who broke away from the traditional brand loyalty of their parents for certain American brands towards upstart import brands such as Subaru, which has only been in the car business since the 1960’s. Part of this led to the near collapse of all American car brands with the exception of Ford that needed government TARP fund bailouts and restructuring in the last few years.

A deep love and loyalty to cars seems to be a thing of the past for much of the younger generation. You buy a car nowadays, and it’s pretty much what you get. You can’t hot rod it like the old days….

Don’t mention Hemi ‘Cuda to the younger guys. It will take forever to explain it….

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  • My son got his learner’s permit Saturday, as soon as he could legally. (15, in this state.) So far he’s doing pretty good… but I’m not quite ready to let him out on the interstate yet…

    • Good deal! I’m glad to see red-blooded men who still love cars! Welcome to the garage JLawson, Jr. ! It’s red blooded men who still gather together anytime that a hood’s open on a car like a magnet. And, it’s the other guys who don’t appreciate a nice car with an open hood…

      • Took him on the freeway today. He did fine, coping with Saturday AM traffic, down into Atlanta and back.

        All together, he’s had about 15 hours of road experience at this point. Now we’ve got to wait a year until he can get his actual license. We’ll be driving in more and more ‘challenging’ environments and conditions, so when he’s ready, he’ll have no problems with the test.

        You know, I hope we’ve got a really crappy winter coming up this year… lol. Best way to learn it is to drive in it!

        • Good deal. He sounds like a natural born driver and chip off the good old JLawson block as well. I know you’re very proud of your son, and you should be. Like his dad, he’s a great guy and a true man! My best regards to the new driver in the JLawson family! Happy motoring!

          • I guess I’m doing it right – at least so far! Thanks!

          • You’re more than welcome, JL!