Cleveland TV News Apologizes To Charles Ramsey

A Cleveland area news station has issued an apology to Charles Ramsey who was one of two men who helped to rescue three young women who were kidnapped this past week. WEWS-TV, ran a background story on some past criminal history problems such as domestic violence in Charles Ramsey’s past. A public outcry was angry that the criminal past of Mr. Ramsey was made public although he has since reformed and has not had any recent problems in his life. The public felt that this reporting was both unfair as well as taking away from his good works to rescue the young women.

Along with Charles Ramsey, another private citizen, Angel Cordero, was credited for the rescue of the young women. Some like Rev. Al Sharpton were dismayed that so many jokes have been made about the “diction” of Charles Ramsey, who gave an animated news interview, and who Sharpton believed to be a good man who was a hero for his role in the rescue of the three young women. Hopefully, both men will receive some sort of rewards for their public service.

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