Mark Sanford Avoids Jail Time One Day After Election

Mark Sanford is getting plenty of undue grace these days it seems. Only one day after his surprising come from behind victory to beat the sister of comic Stephen Colbert for a seat in congress by 9 points in a special election, he avoided jail time after working out a legal settlement for trespassing at his wife’s home. On Thursday, the disgraced politician could have been sentenced to jail time by Judge Jocelyn Cate for violating the terms of his 2010 divorce agreement as well as trespass at his former wife’s home. Sanford unexpectedly showed up to watch the Superbowl, claiming to want to spend the day with his son. Sanford also trespassed before at his wife’s home. The two divorced after Sanford was caught up in a lie about going hiking, but instead flew down to Argentina to spend time a mistress who is now his fiancee.

Sanford will pay his former wife a $5,000 settlement to cover her legal costs and other bills, avoiding possibly being sentenced to jail.

Strangely, the public complains about congress being filled with liars and cheats, but then only turns around and elects liars and cheats to congress. Go figure….

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