Doors’ Drummer John Densmore Does Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon had a little fun with legendary drummer for The Doors, John Densmore, who is out on tour promoting his new book, THE DOORS UNHINGED: JIM MORRISON’S LEGACY GOES ON TRIAL. Densmore loved Jimmy Fallon’s partody of The Doors with his famous “Reading Rainbow” comedy bit. Densmore claimed that he might only consider a reunion of The Doors if Jim Morrison walks through the door at a moment’s notice or if Jimmy Fallon does the lead vocals as Jim Morrison.

John Densmore claims that he’s back on speaking terms with both Ray Manzarek as well as Robbie Krieger, which is good news to fans of the band after relations became estranged by lawsuits spearheaded by Densmore to prevent Doors’ songs from being used in advertising as well as another lawuit to prevent both Manzarek and Krieger from using The Doors name for their new band tour.

Another highpoint was Jimmy Fallon doing lead vocals in the Jim Morrison style as Densmore played drums and The Roots provided the music for the legendary Doors’ classic, “Roadhouse Blues”. It was a great show.

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