CBS Upfronts TV Series Renewals

While CBS is expected to make it’s final cut selections for the Fall 2013 schedule public on May 15, the top rated network did offer renewals for most of it’s currently aired series, but a few exceptions were noted. Strangely, CRIMINAL MINDS was not listed among the shows currently renewed, which is a huge surprise because the show has strong ratings, although some reruns of the crime series recently drew poorer than expected results. But, CRIMINAL MINDS should likely return to the Fall lineup. And as expected CSI:NY was not mentioned along with the renewals, and is expected to be cancelled by most TV analysts. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT has been a handy comedy for CBS to bring back each time it needs to fill a hole in the schedule, and draws good enough ratings, but it’s likely cancelled regardless, which seems like a real shame. VEGAS and GOLDEN BOY are also somewhere out there in limbo as well. No word yet from CBS whether either will be back or not.

TWO AND A HALF MEN will be back again, but young actor Angus T. Young will only be a guest star on the show now and then as he gets on with young life and college.

CBS is said to have as many as 10 pretty good pilots out there to choose from to potentially add to their schedule. That could bump a fairly good show off. Shows like CSI:NY are perfectly good shows, but CBS is looking to tweak their schedule just a bit and freshen it up, while not losing any core audience that keeps the network at the #1 spot.

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