Seth Meyers Could Replace Jimmy Fallon

When Jimmy Fallon takes over THE TONIGHT SHOW gig next year, current SNL Weekend Update news anchor Seth Meyers could be promoted to taking over Jimmy Fallon’s 12:35 show. Right now, network insiders give Seth Meyers the front-runner position among the prospective hosts that could take over the show. But, Nick Cannon is also mentioned, however his past health concerns may cause him not to commit to that big of a schedule, where just doing AMERICA’S GOT TALENT might be enough for him to manage. Andy Cohen is also mentioned by some. And, even though Louis C.K. was featured in a mostly fictional replacement of David Letterman scenario, he might be a possible candidate as well, although he might be viewed as a long-shot as well as too connected to Conan O’Brien. Louis C.K. was an early writer for Conan O’Brien’s show.

If Seth Meyers is able to capture the coveted 12:35 slot, then along with Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan and Any Poehler, SNL has become the latest proving grounds for future NBC programming talent. A sort of minors league. Too bad MAD TV couldn’t do the same thing for FOX.

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