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Strange Objects On Mars?

Photos from Mars often display some interesting rock formations that look like other objects. Recent photos have found rock formations that look like a fossil skeleton, a lizard or rat, a German WWII helmet or a truck wheel. Strange stuff, huh?

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JC Penney’s Tea Kettle Looks Like Hitler!

Poor JC Penney! The company just can’t catch a break recently. Now, the company has been forced to offer a comic apology on Twitter for a tea kettle used in their billboard ads that looks sort of like Adolf Hitler giving the Nazi salute. It’s only latest unfortunate, but funny problem, for the company which […]

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George Zimmerman’s Defense Fund Nearly Broke

As the trial of George Zimmerman draws closer, his defense team now admits that his defense fund is nearly depleted, putting Zimmerman at serious legal risk. Because George Zimmerman sought evidence to put up a “not guilty” defense, his legal team has spent $310,000 searching for any evidence which may help to vindicate the self-proclaimed […]

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Biker Dogs….Bad To The Milkbone!

 Hey,you know your dog is in trouble when he gets frisked by the police for hidden weapons like that dog bone he fashioned into a shiv in his spare time. Some dogs are bad to the milkbone….But, normally most biker dogs have a pretty good day just cruising their wheels out on the highway, looking […]

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Fan Spanks Beyonce’s Booty

Maybe a Danish fan just couldn’t help himself, but while popular singer Beyonce was performing a show, one fan went too far by giving her a slap on that pretty booty. The singer scolded the fan, and asked security to remove him from the show. So far no charges seem to have been filed. Maybe […]

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The Amanda Bynes’ Topless Twitter Crazy Tour Continues

Looking especially disheveled at her court appearance yesterday, Amanda Bynes started a new round of bizarre Tweets today slamming SPORTS ILLUSTRATED model Chrissy Teigen as “You’re an old ugly model compared to me”. Yesterday, she also started a new feud on Twitter with singer Courtney Love and last week with singer Rihanna. Only a few […]

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Yo Donk Cars!

Hey motorhead homeboys, Hip Hop culture has created a whole new class of custom automobiles known as donk cars. Here’s a few of these wild new custom beauties to enjoy! The cool thing about Donk cars is that old Oldsmobile that your father used to drive can be brought back to life as one of […]

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Those Chinese Auto Knockoffs & Ripoffs!

The Chinese court system makes it pretty difficult for famous automakers to prevent the manufacture of automobiles in China that look much like knockoffs of other famous automobiles. One of the most infamous is the Geely GE, a $44,000 luxury automobile that very closed resembles the Rolls Royce which is a $366,000 automobile. The Geely […]

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Cat Beards? Major League WTF?

A strange little Website features otherwise normal people deciding to use their cats as props for beards, Ok? Yet another strange Website for an idea that seemed Ok for about a moment or two, until the cat got spooked, freaked-out and clawed their faces so bad that now they’re all candidates for face transplants or […]

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It’s nearly surreal watching the former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, playing the lead in his first major movie since leaving office(he did a bit role in THE EXPENDABLES II as well). He’s a well loved screen presence sorely missed for the years while he held public office leading America’s biggest state. Strangely, his command […]

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Tesla Pays Back Gov Loan 9 Years Early

Tesla has become the latest success story of an automobile company paying back their entire Department Of Energy loan nine years early, and with the government earning interest money for the Treasury Department as well. Both GM and Chrysler have paid back government TARP loans with interest for the Treasury Department as well, with only […]


Danny Trejo Is Way Cool!

At 69, Danny Trejo is cool! He’s one of the best tough guy actors out there, with a great macho look. The actor overcome a conviction for drug abuse and robbery to become a prison boxing champion, to later becoming a leading tough guy actor in his later years. His cool macho looks and excellent […]

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Historical Society Member Captures UFO Photos

A California member of the Santee Historical Society was taking some pictures of an old barn to update the historical organization’s file documents when a strange UFO object appears in the background. Shortly after taking these pictures, the camera broke and completely stopped working, which has been strangely common for many persons who have captured […]

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TMZ’s Harvey Levin Has A Great Ray Manzarek Story

TMZ’s Harvey Levin is just one of many people to tell you what a friendly and decent man Ray Manzarek of The Doors was. And Harvey has a very funny story to tell about his first meeting with Ray Manzarek, about 15 years ago. It seems that when Harvey Levin purchased a home in the […]

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Adult Stars Battle The Banks

Some strange consumer discrimination news has recently surfaced. Just as adult films become more mainstream in their appeal and accepted as entertainment by a growing number of American including a few housewives(who now find adult videos more sexy than their normal boring soap operas), a number of banks including Chase are beginning to discriminate against […]

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