Catherine Zeta-Jones Enters Treatment

Beautiful 43 year old Academy Award winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, wife of actor Michael Douglas, has entered a treatment facility because of her battle with bipolar disorder. The treatment facility has a 30 day program that treats symptoms of the mood disorder which may have it’s roots in the genetics of individuals who develop the disorder. The disorder can sometimes manifest itself with periods of manic energy and depression which alternate. One report claims that the actress may suffer from the less serious bipolar II disorder, which has little to less pronounced episodes of manic energy, and allows a person to be pretty functional and able to carry on a job or other work. Fortunately for the actress, the prognosis of treatment for this less serious form of this disorder is pretty good. She will no doubt feel much better following her treatment.

Everyone wishes her well. She’s a great actress and a real part of Hollywood royalty. Many more great films are ahead in her future.

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