Sarah Palin Might Run For Senate

Bob Livingston, leader of The Tea Party Leadership Fund is urging former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to run the U.S. Senate seat held by incumbent Democrat Senator Mark Begich. At home, the senator appears to be in some political trouble with approval numbers dipping below the 50% mark recently as his views on political issues are not always in line with the more conservative voters in Alaska. With the incumbent senator facing a rocky re-election road in the 2014 election, a path seems open for Sarah Palin to attempt a political comeback, according to Livingston’s organization, who sense victory if Sarah Palin should run for the seat.

At one time Sarah Palin appeared to be a rising star within the Republican Party, but her ill-fated run with John McCain in the 2008 election, where the two lost the election by nearly 10 million votes and an electoral landslide, and her later decision to resign her office as governor, along with plenty of jokes as well as tabloid news drama about her family often made Sarah Palin into the butt of many jokes. But, she still has a strong base of loyal supporters who want to see her stage a political comeback.

In 2012, it was widely believed that Sarah Pailn would run for president. But, she declined to enter that race as the Republican Party searched for a front-runner as many Republicans were not excited about Mitt Romney as their candidate. Part of the problems with both John McCain as well as Mitt Romney was weak support by the Republican base on one hand, and both candidates running poorly managed campaigns on the other hand.

It might just be wishful thinking on the part of Sarah Palin fans to expect her to run for the senate and stage a comeback. She enjoys speaking her mind when she wants to, being a free spirit not held down to any time clock. And that’s part of the problem that critics site about the former governor. She just never takes anything too seriously.

Can Palin remain focused enough to run a decent campaign where an incumbent looks vulnerable or not? Does Palin even want the office?

If Palin runs and wins, then she’s made a political comeback. If she runs a poor campaign and loses, then likely that’s the final straw for Palin to be taken seriously as a genuine political force.

It’s up to Palin now. Comeback or not. She’s a celebrity, and has star power, but she just never seems to be able to complete anything.

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