NBA Star Jason Collins Comes Out As Gay

12th season NBA star Jason Collins has come out as a Gay. He is currently a center for the Washington Wizards but was also a Boston Celtic as well. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED will be running a story on this as well with an interview with the basketball star in their May 6 issue. The NBA star notes that he used to date women when he was younger and was even once engaged. He looked forward to having kids. But, he slowly came to a realization about his own sexuality.

Strangely, a couple of events helped to push Collins toward his new public statement about his personal life. He was a former classmate and a lifelong friend of Joe Kennedy, who is now a congressman. Joe Kennedy marched in the 2012 Boston Gay Pride Parade as a sign of his public support toward the Gay community. And the Boston Marathon attack also strangely motivated Collins to make a public statement about his sexuality. He felt a new sense of courage after the event to speak his mind about his private life.

Collins only came out to his brother just last year, and his family soon after. Now, he decided that he should be open about that with all of his fans who love him as a player in the NBA world of sports.

You can read much more about this breaking news story in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.

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