Women Run Cuddling Business

Two women are running a seemingly harmless and helpful nonsexual touch therapy business, but some in the media and other quarters are questioning the business. The Snuggery has two women with a background in yoga or other skills who believe in the power of nonsexual touch who will snuggle with clients for $60 an hour or spend an entire night for $300. Sexual petting activity isn’t permitted, just a closeness of two bodies in sleepwear in a bed, which will give both persons a sense of well being and relaxation.

The touch therapy business helps to reduce the levels of a stress hormone, cortisol, as well as reduces blood pressure, as anyone who as ever cuddled with someone can recall. Most people who have cuddled before can attest to what a peaceful and relaxing sleep or rest they had.

Jackie Samuels claims that some persons spend a lot of money just shopping or other things simply to try to find happiness, but just cuddling seems to satisfy a basic human need which is not being met from many persons. The single mother found herself kicked out of graduate school because of her business, although everything is very legal and there is no sexual intentions with the therapy business.

Samuels and her partner in business have found a new sort of therapy business that satisfies basic human needs and leaves their clients with a warm feeling. Her clients cover a wide range including many single men, some married persons, and many professionals.

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