NBC Gives GRIMM A Big Sign Of Confidence

NBC is giving their supernatural drama, GRIMM, a big sign of confidence. The critically well received show that takes place in Portland, Oregon(my hometown, and a local favorite, BTW) is being promoted from graveyard Friday to Tuesday evening starting this week, right behind NBC’s #1 rated singing competition show, THE VOICE. That’s quite a significant move, in that following the #1 rated show on network TV should ensure GRIMM much bigger ratings, and probably move the show into the top 20 rated shows on TV as well, giving NBC two top 20 hit shows as the network searched for some new formula to turn around their recent dismal rating slump.

Like a knight in shining armor, THE VOICE has eventually topped even AMERICAN IDOL to become the biggest rated singing competition show on TV, as well as TV’s new #1 hit show. In fact, THE VOICE is NBC’s only top 20 show. But, the network is banking on GRIMM to give the network another strong entry if they can improve the numbers of that show and give it more exposure by placing it on Tuesday and hope that THE VOICE can spill off some success on the show.

The producers and cast of GRIMM probably are all smiles after hearing this great news.

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