A Jeep Ripoff For $1899!

Leave it up to the Chinese to ripoff just about everything. The latest blatant ripoff is this 2 seater version of the old WWII styled Jeeps complete with a rear mounted gas can and rear mounted spare tire. But, this smaller than usual Jeep ripoff is powered by just a 125cc air-cooled engine with some sort of 3speed automatic transmission. That’s a tad smaller than some 150cc mopeds. The engine oil capacity is only a little over a quarter gallon as well. No word on the actual fuel capacity, or the gas mileage. But, if you don’t get close to, 70mpg in this little ripoff of a Jeep, then that would be a major league surprise.

No word on whether this little Jeep ripoff is street legal. But, it apparently has turn signals and seat belts, so maybe you can use on the streets. It has a blazing top speed of a tad over 37mph as well! So, don’t expect any brisk stop light burnouts here. If this little Jeep wannabe doesn’t return you 70mpg or better, then that would be surprising. But, it just might be a cute little good weather beataround vehicle for a little sunny day fun.

You can’t expect great wonders for just $1899. But, then again that’s pretty darn cheap for a new car.

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