Jenna Marbles: One Billion YouTube Clicks & Counting!

One of the biggest stars out there is beautiful blonde comic personality Jenna Marbles. So far, the funny blonde has had over one billion clicks at YouTube for her new funny videos that she makes each week. She’s been made numerous offers to do comedy, TV or movies, but instead has turned down all of these offers to instead do her own funny videos which she posts for no money or pay on YouTube. It is a strange phenomenon that one of the biggest potential stars of comedy won’t work for pay, yet is a prolific and well loved personality with a huge legion of loyal fans.

There you have it, one of the very best personalities that SNL could ever have, refuses to do TV. She’s much in demand, but only wants to work doing YouTube videos on her own terms. That’s all.

A few parents aren’t entirely happy at some of the sexy videos that she sometimes produces or the content of some of her videos. But, at worse she’s pretty much just PG rated. They should lighten up.

Jenna Marbles is a real sensation. One of the biggest stars of all. But, she won’t work for anyone but herself. It’s a strange phenomenon of the Internet.

One of her most popular videos is one how to trick people into thinking that you’re good looking. You don’t have to trick a lot of people Jenna. You’re good looking and looking good for a big career if you want it!

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