You Know Your Son’s Becoming A Terrorist When….

He starts to look an awful lot like a young Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie or Donovan.

He changes his name at add a lot of consonants.

He starts using kitchen cookware for things other than how God intended it to be used for.

He suddenly takes on an abnormal love for neighborhood hardware stores.

He’s under the influence of a kooky older brother so off the rocker that his own Mosque kicks him out.

He starts buying a lot of nails and ball bearings, but doesn’t even own a hammer or a bb gun.

He starts spending an awful lot of time in neighbor’s boats, in their driveway, not in the water.

He changes his last name to something that you can’t even pronounce.

He stops going out with girls and instead is always going out to movies and the malt shop with al Qaeda-type guys instead.

He’s always broke, asking his parents for money to buy pressure cookers.

He stops looking at porn websites and masturbating profusely, and instead is now looking at al Qaeda Websites and masturbating profusely.

My profound apologies to Jeff Foxworthy here…

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