Christian film company Pure Flix made a pretty good attempt to produce a fairly enjoyable action oriented inspirational film here with REVELATION ROAD. The movie seems to incorporate a decent mix of action as well as inspiration. Brian Bosworth plays an intimidating screen presence of a bike gang leader who seems a little bit like a MAD MAX film character. And Eric Roberts loans his talents as well. But, it’s David A.R. White’s character who’s the real center of this film. White’s character, Josh McManus, is a mysterious traveling bulletproof vest salesman who seems to possess almost supernatural martial arts and defense skills, protecting a family who run a small business from the evils of the gang run by Bosworth’s Hawg character. But, McManus also finds himself on a spiritual journey here. He’s a righteous man protecting the weak from the powerful and evil, but he has a spiritual void in his life as a weakness.

David A.R. White actually has an impressive resume, with his past roles on TV such as in EVENING SHADE, the Burt Reynolds show that used to air on CBS. Logan White is his wife, who plays the evil biker girl, Cat, ever willing to prove herself to the leader of the gang by participating in violence or murder, but seeming to always fall short of her own bad ambitions.

At times the movie seems preachy, which seems like an ill fit in the script rather than a seamless transition. Many Christian films that I’ve seen such as those produced by Billy Graham’s Worldwide Pictures often manage to elevate faith, but not at the expense of abrupt script road-bumps like this film. But, overall this film is still pretty enjoyable, reading much like an action movie. It’s also pretty nice to see so many decent stars loan their talents to a religious production like this that has a lot of depth and inspiration at moments as the Josh McManus character travels on his own spiritual path to find himself.

Steve “Sting” Borden, the former 10 time WCW Wrestling champion also stars in this film that brings together a very good, almost all-star cast of Christian actors.

The Bottom Line: You have to expect that a Christian film will take the opportunity to preach at moments, which this film does abruptly at some moments, almost as obvious as some commercial interruption. But, at other times the film seems like a reasonable enough action film. **(Two stars, fair. Worth a rental from your neighborhood Redbox. I’ve seen a few great Christian films over the years, and while this isn’t a classic as good as most of those, it’s still a pretty good story and an unique biker film).

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