Obama Gets Poll Bounce From Boston News

As to be expected, President Obama has gotten a little public approval bounce from the news from Boston this week, as more public approval moved in his direction after her kept close daily contact with the mayor in Boston and law enforcement officials. Gallup has his approval ratings at 53 to 41%, a little improvement over his previous approval numbers.

Scenes at the White House proved intense interest in the Boston terrorism story, and the president seemed completely engaged to direct law enforcement officials to do everything possible to quickly conclude this latest round of terrorism against the public. As much interest as the White House proved, it was in the end local law enforcement officials in Boston who successfully concluded the capture of the final terror suspect.

The president was given a great deal of respect for a fine speech at a memorial service for the victims of the bombing.

During the 9/11 attacks, President Bush had his approval soar to a near 90% approval levels as that president took tough and decisive actions to defend the country from possible further attacks. President Obama didn’t have the opportunity to play much more than a sympathetic and supporting role during this Boston situation, but the public seemed to respond positively to his actions.

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