Police Bringing Down Terror Suspects In Violent Evening

THE BOSTON GLOBE is reporting that Boston police have taken one of Boston Marathon bombing suspects into custody, and are on a door to door search to bring down the second suspect. So far, the reports are very early. But, some reports claim that some bombs were thrown from a SUV, including what one witness said appeared to be a pressure cooker bomb, which apparently failed to detonate.

Some early reports claim that the violence started over at or near MIT, and a campus security guard, possibly a female, was shot to death. The violence then spilled over a large area as many police battled the terror suspects with many bullets and explosions.

So far it appears to be local Boston police that were involved, but the FBI is very interested in following the incidents which may be the key to resolving the Boston Marathon attacks according to some early reports.

If these bad guys are indeed the one’s being taken down tonight, then this terrible crime may well be soon resolved. This was an especially violent evening in Boston tonight. Many brave police risked their lives to take down two of the most dangerous persons in recent memory.

One CNN story claims that one marathon bombing suspect was killed, however other video footage shows some male forced to strip naked by police and then forced into custody in a squad car.

Information is all over the place, as this story is so fresh, with many details likely to change.

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