The Osbournes Facing Rocky Days

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are facing a few rocky days right now. One report is that wife Sharon has moved out of the couple’s home, while other reports are disputed. But, what is known is that Ozzy Osbourne has had a relapse into both alcohol and drugs in the past year, but now claims to be 44 days sober once again. The news of new alcohol and drug problems with Ozzy Osbourne has to be discouraging to the other members of Black Sabbath as well as the band is planning another reunion tour and a new album release in June and doesn’t need a fresh round of problems with their superstar singer.

The couple claim to not be divorcing, but that doesn’t mean that the two don’t need to reconcile their differences. The two might be separating for a time to put pressure on Ozzy to remain sober.

Kelly Osbourne has had some health scares recently, and son Jack has been diagnosed with MS. The family has remained one of the most popular reality TV celebrity families of all time. Sharon has been in hot demand as a hostess for several TV programs now. But, the relapse into drugs and alcohol by Ozzy is now stressing this family to a breaking point. Ozzy needs to stay sober now, so this family doesn’t fracture.

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