Budweiser To Debut New Controversial Can Shape

Budweiser Beer will soon debut a new can shape that may be controversial with consumers. The new cans are more stylish, in a sort of bowtie shape. But, the new cans will only hold 11.3oz of beer compared to the normal 12oz size that is standard in the industry. Rather than an upgrade to the product to look more upscale, many consumers will quickly recognize this for what it is, product downsizing. Consumers never really take kindly to paying the same for less product, and Budweiser could be facing a product backlash here from angry consumers. My best guess is this marketing ploy miserably fails.

It’s business decisions like this that keep business executives awake at night dreaming up stuff like this. But, it’s also controversial decisions like this that hurt companies as well, who flaunt with losing their market share when they anger their loyal customers.

Budweiser may be a very popular beer brand. But playing games with the amount of beer consumers get for their money with product downsizing always creates a little consumer anger. Even an intoxicated consumer can figure out that less beer is less beer.

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