Rep. Peter King Sees New War With al Qaeda

Representative Peter King(R-NY) views the Boston terror attack as the beginning of a possible new war with al Qaeda in which supporters of the organization might be using smaller attacks. He also views that the organization might be using new attacks by radical supporters who slip under American security radar and are more secretive in how they operate with their hit and run tactics.

In the past, al Qaeda used chatter on the Internet that often gave away their intentions or else took claim for terrorist attacks. Now, the organization might be using smaller less known supporters for quick hit and run warfare against American citizens in crowded places or at sporting events. This is a frightening change of strategy for the terrorist organization that seemed to suffer huge loses of leadership through Obama Administration ordered drone attacks around the world.

It is entirely possible that the secretive nature of U.S. attacks on al Qaeda might have caused this terror organization to rethink their military strategy, so is now responding with more secretive attacks and less known terrorist supporters.

Peter King is a widely respected member of Congress, who might have some important insights in the current crisis situation.

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