Jenna Jameson In A New Trouble Spiral

Jenna Jameson started celebrating her 39th birthday a little bit ahead of her April 9 birthdate and soon found herself in a real spiral of problems. She apparently was first put under citizens arrest and charged with battery after an assault on her assistant with a brass knuckle shaped iPhone accessory, but later released. Now, her twin children are apparently under the sole guardianship of their dad, Tito Ortiz, after Jenna moved out of the couple’s home in Huntington Beach, California.

Last year, the actress hit a light pole in a drunk driving episode, and the problems only seem tho have been getting worse since this incident, instead of better.

Jameson was one of the biggest names in adult films for years, and with her sharp business mind she managed to make herself a very wealthy business woman. But, since last year, her life life seems to be in some sort of spiral that looks like it needs a real intervention to rescue her from herself.

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