Al Qaeda Turns To The Magazine Business

You might say that many magazines are in a real death spiral right now with declining circulation. And in Yemen, a magazine owned and published by al Qaeda is doing all that it can to kill off it’s own readers. INSPIRE looks a little bit like some general interest news magazine on the cover, but inside the magazine quickly turns to thoughts of murder, instructing readers how to kill themselves and others by building the ultimate suicide bomber automobile and other simply awful stories. How a magazine like this intends to stay in business, with old readers dying off each month in suicide bombings doesn’t seem like a very good business strategy.

One recent feature gave detailed instructions on how to convert a pickup truck into “The ultimate mowing machine” for example. That’s a far cry from what NEWSWEEK publishes. Jihad is the key word in this magazine, as readers seem to think of themselves as some sort of soldiers in some holy war here, looking to kill others to get their ticket to paradise and their promised 72 virgins.

The magazine is apparently published in both Arabic and English editions, and features ominous pictures of U.S. monuments and buildings which are certainly on terrorist wish lists. Thank God for homeland security efforts to keep our streets safe from murderous political extremists like this, hell bent on destruction. And no, the magazine doesn’t have a centerfold girl either.

The magazine is a repulsive extremist publication for those only interested in blowing things up and killing other people, not for those interested in sane political discussions or working on compromise solutions to problems.

Strangely, while the publishers of the magazine seem to churn out issue after issue each month, they seem to be around each month, while they only encourage the readers to kill themselves. Do you smell hypocrisy here? But, that has always been the trademark of al Qaeda, to encourage others to do what the leadership of this organization will not do. You think someone would wise up to that fact at some point. But, if you appeal to people stupid enough to buy into the al Qaeda mindset, then you’re not dealing with very bright persons to begin with.

If anything, INSPIRE and al Qaeda appear to based on the Three Stooges model of leadership. You get a smart stupid guy like a Moe to find a few guys even more stupid like Curly and Larry to boss around.

INSPIRE might well be the very first time that I would like to see a magazine go out of business. To say that this magazine is the very worst publication ever would be a gross understatement.

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