The UK Woman With The Biggest Boobs

Claire Smedley hasn’t always found having the biggest boobs in the UK easy. Three years ago she nearly accidentally suffocated a boyfriend during sex, and he soon split with her as a result. With her new boyfriend she has to be careful not to harm him with her weapons of mass mammary destruction. Claire is a whopping 40MMM bra size.

Claire is now just 30 and a mother of three children and has a new boyfriend who is also 30. They live in Derby in the UK.

The story of her breasts is an interesting one. At the age of 11 she was just a C cupper. But, then nature and hormones really started to take over. By 12 years old she was a DD cupper. By time she was 16 she was a H cupper. When she was 18 she was only a size 6 dress young woman, but her boobs had grown to an awesome J cup size. Claire has gained a lot of weight in the last few years, so she now looks better proportioned than the days when she was slender. For the longest time she didn’t appreciate her huge breasts, but has grown to accept them as part of her.

Claire has accepted herself so much that she now models under the name of Madison Blush and has a Twitter account of Claire [email protected] to keep up with legion of fans.

Well Claire, it’s great that you accept yourself. You should. You’re a very nice woman. And there’s plenty of guys happy to love you just the way you are with no changes at all. There’s a lot of guys who love those nice round curves and so much in boobs they can get lost there. To a lot of guys a woman like this is heaven.

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