Beautiful Asian-American actress Junie Hoang has sued the popular film website, IMbd for over because they revealed her true age as 41. The actress claims to have lost work because of this statistic which is apparently accurate, although the actress seems to look somewhat younger to some observers.

Lawsuits like this must test the patience of judges. Revealing someone’s age isn’t libel or some other form of false character attack. Further, the IMbd statistic appears to be correct based off of other Websites stating the same age. Further, it would be difficult for the actress to prove in court of actual jobs lost because of her age. Almost no one would act as a witness in court and claim that they didn’t give work to a great looking actress because of her age.

Junie Hoang is a beautiful and sexy woman. She landed work in several films which only proves that she’s in big demand. So where’s the problem, Junie? A jury turned thumbs down on the lawsuit as well, not buying her case either.