NBC Making A Ratings Comeback

NBC is making a ratings comeback, largely based on the strength of THE VOICE which is now slightly topping the ratings for AMERICAN IDOL over at FOX. NBC’s new crime series HANNIBAL also appeared to be a promising bright spot, and an unique, stylish and dark drama that you wonder where it goes in the coming weeks. Although not as well written as some shows such as LAW & ORDER:SVU or CSI over at CBS, HANNIBAL still holds plenty of promise to develop as a great bright spot over at NBC.

NBC has to be very happy that THE VOICE has given the network it’s only top 20 ratings hit with 13.6 million viewers, or the fourth most viewed program on network TV. NCIS, DANCING WITH THE STARS and NCIS:LOS ANGELES top the list, but NBC is proud to have one strong show pulling the network up.

But, NBC has to be a little bit unhappy that the hiatus period for REVOLUTION has caused it’s ratings to sag by 18% from earlier in the new season. This show started out strong, but NBC’s decision to pull aside popular shows like this only backfired and caused them to lose audience support. By contrast CBS has kept their popular shows on the market, which partially explains why their ratings are nearly twice that of NBC. Both CBS and ABC lead NBC in the ratings, with 9.0 and 7.1 million average viewers, compared to a 5.4 million viewer average for NBC and a 5.2 million viewer average for ABC. Univision has 3.4 million viewer average, and actually led NBC recently, until NBC put some of their strongest shows back on the air.

Over the years, progressive mismanagement and mis-programming at NBC has cost the network many viewers. For years, NBC used to rule the airwaves with a strong line-up of Thursday comedies. But, in recent years weak entries like COMMUNITY, 1600 PENN, PARKS & RECREATION and other third rate comedies lag far behind THE BIG BANG THEORY, TWO AND A HALF MEN and the other strong CBS Thursday night programs. The cancellation of THE OFFICE leaves NBC for a slot for a better lead-in comedy on Thursday nights as another attempt to lure viewers next year probably weighs heavy on the mind of NBC executives.

But, NBC has to be happy that the ratings bleeding has at least slowed and things are looking better thanks to THE VOICE helping to rescue the network from ratings hell.

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