Morality In Media Crackpots Harass Hilton, Comcast & Facebook

Morality In Media, a wacky extremist group comprised of weird kooks who are self-proclaimed watchdogs of public morality in the entertainment industry are out with a brand new outrageous list of top “Sex Exploiters” for 2013. This wacko group now includes Facebook, Comcast, Barnes & Noble, Attorney General Eric Holder, Hilton Hotels, The Department Of Defense and others of topping their absurd hate list. Strangely, according to this goofball group of kooks, not one single company that actually produces pornographic entertainment is included on this list, just an absurd smear of major businesses who operate entirely legally and U.S. government agencies and officials.

Back in the 1950’s anticommunist political extremist Charles Keating was convinced that sexually oriented entertainment was some sort of Communist plot and began organizing various antipornography groups. Keating was so sure that Communists were somehow using sexually oriented magazines to ruin the country that he began organizing other kooks together to join in his crusades. When he requested help from the FBI on several occasions, that law enforcement organization laughed him off as a nut case. But Keating was able to get himself appointed a prosecutor in Cincinnati, and made his first obscenity prosecution an ice cream business that sold a few old time 1950’s men’s magazines which didn’t even show female nipples back in those days. Keating was also convinced of the supposed danger of homosexuals as well, and became a early advocate for putting homosexuals in prison. In later years, Keating became the darling of President Nixon and was appointed to his pornography commission to write a dissenting view when the majority of the experts recommended that all laws against adult pornography be scuttled in the United States. Father Morton Hill was also on this commission and started a rival antiporn organization to Keating’s efforts. But, after Keating was later convicted of helping to cause that big savings and loan scandal after he and other executives stole massive amounts of money from their respective savings and loans, his screwball antiporn organizations broke apart and many joined up with Rev. Morton Hill’s Morality In Media. And after the anticommunist scare of the 1950’s evaporated away, antiporn crusaders were left trying to justify reasons to continue their witchhunts against nudity and sex in books and movies. It seemed as if Keating put up his phony morality front just so that he could steal a lot of money from the saving and loan he was supposed to have been trusted with by those customers of his institution. His convictions proved what a phony he was.

In the past few days Morality In Media has contended that Barnes & Noble is a major distributor of adult erotica. Yes, but it’s all perfectly legal. Many modern novels are sexually explicit in their language for the past several decades, that’s nothing new. Books like FIFTY SHADES OF GREY are top NEW YORK TIMES best seller novels. Why can’t a major book distributor like Barnes & Noble sell a copy of this book just like any other paperback retailer without ending up on some hate list by a goofball group like Morality In Media? It’s trade organizations like The American Booksellers Association that find themselves so angered at far right groups like this that they even sued The American Family Association for racketeering for what they called a pattern of extortion and harassment against member businesses of this trade organization. Morality In Media operates the same way, constant falsehoods, smears, libel and harassment of perfectly legal businesses including harassing supermarkets to remove magazines like THE SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SWIMSUIT ISSUE and COSMOPOLITAN Magazine as well supermarket tabloids.

Morality In Media faults Attorney General Eric Holder for supposedly not enforcing federal obscenity laws against mainstream adult entertainment companies. However, these companies employ lawyers and other legal advisors who have instructed them what is legal for them to produce and what is not. They’re just not in the business of producing illegal pornography or material so extreme as to warrant their arrest. Much of the adult film industry operates in Southern California and takes out film permits, is open to inspection by local city and county government officials and is an entirely legal film industry. Other adult oriented magazines like PLAYBOY offer public stock and operate entirely legally as well. Attorney General Eric Holder has no reason to arrest or prosecute anyone who operates legal businesses like these, despite the false claims of Morality In Media.

The most recent federal obscenity conviction took place in late 2012 in Los Angeles involving very extreme material by a small producer and an underground Japanese film company after a result of three trials that took place from 2008 to 2012, and only removed five very extreme movie titles from the marketplace that involved very extreme material that included sex with animals or scatological themes. Mainstream adult film producers don’t produce or distribute extreme illegal material like this, yet Morality In Media complains that mainstream adult entertainment companies who haven’t broken any laws deserve to be prosecuted anyway. This a nation or courts and laws. You can’t just arrest persons who haven’t broken any laws, despite what Morality In Media believes.

Morality In Media also puts Comcast on their “2013 Dirty Dozen” list, yet this huge entertainment giant operates entirely legally and doesn’t promote any illegal or extreme adult entertainment on any of their cable networks, just more mainstream adult films, many of which seem more like harder R-rated nudity or simulated sex stuff than anything. Mere nudity or simulated sex isn’t illegal on cable TV, despite any absurd claims to the contrary by Morality In Media.

Facebook is also put on Morality In Media’s hate list. But, this company has strict bans on displays of nudity, where some users have had their accounts pulled down and suspended for even mere photos of them at the beach wearing a bikini. Even some major celebrities have had their photos banned from Facebook, even if they didn’t involve any nudity on grounds of bad taste or other Facebook policy violation issues. A bikini photo that’s considered too sexy by Facebook will get you banned in a hurry, so where is any justification for Morality In Media to put Facebook on one of their hate lists.

And while most Americans have nothing but praise for our military, Morality In Media has the outrageous nerve to contend that “pervasive porn causes harassment in the workplace, addiction and problems at home” at the Department Of Defense. Wait a minute, the military has some of the most strict laws written by Congress that ban much entertainment of an adult nature from being sold at a PX store or being possessed on a military base, so what exactly is Morality In Media even talking about here.

And of course, Morality In Media naturally opposes COSMOPOLITAN Magazine as much as it opposes THE SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SWIMSUIT ISSUE as well. Swimsuits are very offensive to these sexless persons in this wacky goofball organization that operates like a cult indoctrinating their followers with their bizarre extremist beliefs.

Morality In Media’s stock in trade business has always been outright lies and falsehoods, laced with libel and extortion. If a company like Hilton Hotels doesn’t bow down and kiss the feet of a group like this, then Morality In Media will attempt to hurt their business by putting them on a hate list and misrepresenting a business like this. It’s classic two-bit gangster nonsense. “Do as I tell you to do, or I’ll hurt your business” crap. Extortion and racketeering of this type are supposed to be illegal in itself. Why many legal companies who do legal business each day even put up with the nonsense from Morality In Media instead of suing them out of business is a good question. But, Morality In Media has made themselves the “Operation Rescue” harassers of the entertainment industry, harassing perfectly legal businesses for years with lies, false accusations, and extortion.

Many supermarkets have been harassed by Morality In Media for years now, where members of the group extorted stores to remove those familiar supermarket tabloids or mainstream magazines like PLAYBOY because of threats of boycotts from this hate group. 7-11 stores were sent a phony letter using Department Of Justice stationary claiming that that they could face prosecution for selling legal mainstream magazines like PLAYBOY. PLAYBOY and other magazines sued for this outrageous act, but 1400 convenience stores still stopped selling PLAYBOY as a result of the outrageous letter sent out on DOJ stationary.

Morality In Media’s leader is political extremist lawyer Patrick Trueman. Trueman has previously been associated with many far right organizations including The American Family Association, who was founded by anti-Semite Donald Wildmon. Wildmon’s group was once sued for extortion and civil racketeering by some businesses which were victimized by these extremists. Trueman’s clients include political gangsters like this who use extortion to threaten businesses to stop selling publications or movies they don’t like.

For all of their roots back to the old extremist anticommunist crusaders, Morality In Media sure operates like a bunch of Communists. On YouTube they post a number of one-sided and grossly misleading videos, and take the rare steps of only allowing comments they agree with on many of these YouTube posts. They censor speech where serious art critics, movie critics, law experts, scientists are not allowed to rebut their nonsense cult-like views.

Nowadays Morality In Media claim to be an “interfaith” religious group that oppose porn on “moral” grounds. However, groups like this have their roots in the old 1950’s anticommunist organizations. Now that Communism has mostly disappeared as a handy enemy for many political extremists to hammer at, groups like Morality In media grapple with inventing new absurd justifications to oppose sex and nudity in the media and to justify “obscenity laws” which actually are a more modern version of the old church inspired antiblasphemy laws that made it illegal to question religion. Ironically religion wasn’t questioned for many years, only leading to a lot of problems with corruption and abuse. Likewise, keeping sex in the dark isn’t helpful either, where adults should be able to freely discuss this topic that most psychologists believe is a basic human drive and interest. Why this group thinks that any discussion of sex should be taboo just isn’t facing the reality of human nature.

Morality In Media manages to make a lot of persons angry, for a lot of different reasons. For many businesses, they are a constant annoyance. Wikipedia, Facebook, Comcast, Hilton and other business no doubt find Morality In Media pretty bothersome.

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