DVD Review: RED DAWN (2012)

What could be timely than an outrageously premised film in which North Koreans invade and conquer the Pacific Northwest? But, this preposterously premised film is at at least an entertaining action film worthy of a big bag of popcorn evening of movie viewing. And, in many ways this 2012 remake of the old 1984 Patrick Swayze film is something of an improvement as well, with better special effects and explosions than the original film.

Once again, The Wolverines, a group of young paramilitary resistance fighters give the invaders one heck of a fight, singlehandedly doing what an entire army should have been able to achieve. In the last film, it was the Soviets. In this film, it’s the North Korean Communists. Although, this film’s premise is even more far-fetched and absurd than the last time out. Strangely in this film, the Russians help the North Koreans, which seems like a little bit of a stretch, because of anything Putin’s ruling party gives the wealthy of Russia a mouthpiece and is kept in power by these wealthy class of Russia’s rich as a contrast to what the Communists offer. This film seemed ignorant of Russian politics by making the Russians and North Koreans allies here.

But, aside from sheer political ignorance, RED DAWN isn’t too bad of an action film, and is actually a pretty good trash action film.

The Bottom Line: Sort of an enjoyable trash action film. ** 1/2(Two and a half stars, or nearly good. Rent this on DVD, but it’s probably not quite worth buying until it ends up in the bargain bin).

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