Wesley Snipes Released From Prison

Actor Westley Snipes, 50, has been released from prison and is now serving house arrest after he was convicted in 2010 of failure to file income tax returns from 1999-2001. The government claims that the actor owes on the order of $7 million dollars of unpaid taxes, however the actor had disputed the government’s case arguing that he received bad investment advice among other things. A jury acquitted the actor of felony fraud and of filing false tax returns, accepting at least part of the actor’s claims.

Snipes had been a very popular actor with a brilliant career that became sidetracked by his legal problems. His acting in WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP was critically acclaimed. And he later became known as an action star because of his appearance in the BLADE films.

Hopefully, the actor can put his legal problems behind him and return to acting very soon. His presence on the big screen is greatly missed by many fans of the actor.

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