Queen Gets $7 Million Dollar Pay Raise

The Queen of England has just received a brand new $7 million dollar pay raise to a household income of $54.6 million dollars just at a time when public strikes and other labor actions because of low raises or poor benefits hurt other workers in the UK. Called The Sovereign Grant, the $54.6 million dollar salary package helps to pay for the costs of running the Royal household. The Queen also profits from real estate investments that made $240 million in profits last year as well.

The UK government is in the process of cutting social welfare programs by an average to save 2 billion pounds as well as implementing what is called a “bedroom tax”, which cuts government programs if persons have a spare bedroom available in their homes that could be put to some use such as renting out or using by an impoverished family member.

As many states in Europe grapple with worsening financial problems and economic decline, many in the UK will find the latest increases in wages for the Royal Family a bitter pill to swallow. The image of the Royals among many in the UK is that of someone like Prince Harry running around naked and partying with young women in Las Vegas while many in Britain toil to pay these royals millions of dollars to wine and dine at their expense.

Hey Mr. dirty coal miner, time to get up early and work the dusty old coal mine. The Royal dogs need a new diamond studded crown today!

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