Lifetime Finally Ending AMERICA’S MOST WANTED

AMERICA’S MOST WANTED ended up being one of the most enduring true crime shows ever aired despite only moderate ratings. Strangely, the show was also one of the most popular among both police as well as convicts. In many state prisons, prisoners were always anxious to watch the show on TV sets, either in their cells or on the common TV in the main hall.

John Walsh had been the host of the show since 1998, which premiered on FOX, but FOX tried several times to cancel the show, but met with resistance from sheriffs and police who continued to strongly support the show. President Obama is a fan of the show as well and asked if he could do a message for the 1,000th episode of the show.

John Walsh created the show in response to the murder of his young son, Adam Walsh. Walsh served as producer and host of the show since it was new. After FOX really wanted to end the show on their network, Walsh made a deal with Lifetime to continue new episodes on that cable channel.

It is not known whether Walsh will be able to shop the show to another network and save the show again, but it appears that Walsh is working on a new show for lifetime as a pilot, which might be on the same order as the old show or not. Not much is known about this breaking story right now, and much remains to be seen.

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