Roger Ebert Has Cancer Again

Roger Ebert revealed on his blog to his fans today that he is having to take “a leave of presence” because his cancer has returned. It turns out that a leg fracture he suffered was the result of cancer. The film critic previously lost the ability to speak following cancer surgery a few years ago.

Ebert is apparently undergoing radiation treatments right now, and any fracture with his legs seems to indicate that cancer has probably most likely spread to his bones. Ebert apparently is not able to review as many films as he would like right now, but the 70 year old critic is hopeful of a return back to THE CHICAGO SUN-TIMES as the senior movie reviewer at that newspaper. He has written there for the last 46 years.

Martin Scorcese is involved in a film based off the life of Roger Ebert, and he’s continuing to offer help to this project.

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