Hitler’s Plot To Kill The Three Stooges

In 1940 after The Three Stooges made a short entitled “You Nazty Spy” which satirized Hitler and his high ranking Nazi leadership as bumbling idiots, Hitler wanted to kill The Three Stooges, and put them on a “kill list”. Likely if Hitler would have won the war he would killed The Three Stooges regardless, because they were all Jewish and many of their writers and producers were as well. But, Hitler was especially outraged by The Three Stooges depiction of himself, and felt that the Stooges did considerable damage to his reputation, as though invading his neighbors, conquering their lands and killing off many civilians wasn’t bad enough publicity in itself.

Nine months later, Charlie Chaplin’s film, THE GREAT DICTATOR premiered, but The Three Stooges were the first to ridicule the Nazi dictator.

Interestingly, the short by the Stooges might have actually did a lot to move many Americans toward more support for England and entering the war. After Pearl Harbor in 1941, the U.S. entered the war.

No one knows for sure how exactly Hitler plotted to get agents to kill The Three Stooges, but it is known that he wanted to stop them because of the short 17 minute 59 second film, a film that he blamed as partially responsible for his failed attempt to conquer the world as it helped to draw the U.S. into the war.

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